What to Do if You Get Rear-Ended on the Highway – Guest Post

Get Rear-Ended on the Highway

An automobile accident can be a traumatic experience—especially if you’ve been rear-ended on the highway. It can be hard to know what to do in the moments after such an incident. This guide will help you stay safe and protect your legal rights. Read on to learn more about what you should do if you get rear-ended on the highway.

Gather Evidence

Your top priority after being rear-ended should be gathering evidence. Take pictures of all vehicles involved in the accident, including license plates and any visible damage. If there are witnesses, try to get their contact information as well. It is also important that your vehicle remains in its current state until it can be inspected by an auto body shop or your insurance company; any alterations made may invalidate your claim or decrease its worth.

Contact Your Insurance Company

Even though you weren’t at fault for the accident, you will still need to contact your insurance company as soon as possible and provide them with any evidence that you have gathered. Depending on the severity of the collision, it is likely that both drivers’ insurance companies will be involved in processing an insurance claim for damages. Be sure to ask any questions that you have about how the process works before signing any documents from either company.

Hire an Auto Accident Attorney

It is highly recommended that anyone who has been rear-ended on the highway hire an experienced auto accident attorney as soon as possible. A good attorney will review all of your options and advise you of your rights throughout the entire proceedings. They can also help ensure that all paperwork is filed correctly with both insurance companies and represent you during negotiations over repair costs, medical bills, lost wages, etc.—allowing you to focus on recovering from your injuries without worrying about legal matters.

No one ever expects to be in a car accident—especially when they are driving down a highway—but unfortunately these incidents happen far too often. If you do find yourself in such a situation, remember these three tips: gather evidence, contact your insurance company, and hire an auto accident attorney who can help protect your legal rights throughout the entire process. Taking these steps will give you some peace of mind knowing that everything is taken care of properly so that you can focus on healing from any injuries sustained during the crash.

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