Why You Should Have an Attorney Review Your Employment Contract Before You Sign It – Guest Post

Attorney Review

A lot of employees in New Jersey are at-will workers, but others have employment contracts to sign. These contracts are beneficial to workers; however, sometimes, they offer employers an unfair advantage. In addition, even if these contracts are made to protect workers, the latter may sustain harm if their employers breach the contracts.

If you are an employer with questions or concerns with your employment contracts, consult employment lawyer Ravi Sattiraju about your options to protect your interests. The lawyer can advise you about your legal rights. He can also assist in lawsuits that can arise out of contract disputes.

Negotiating Employment Contracts

If your employer asks you to sign an employment contract, you must speak with an attorney to understand the contract’s terms and how the provisions can benefit you or restrict your current or future employment. Particularly, the contract must contain clear provisions about the contract duration, benefits, compensation, salary increase rates, times, and potential contract renewal. Also, it must explain your duties and the duties of your employer as well as the way disputes between both parties must be resolved.

In addition, the contract must indicate whether it can be amended and how to implement this amendment. As the worker, you must understand when there is just cause to terminate the contract and the severance your employer owes you upon termination.

Negotiating an employment contract’s terms is complicated. Thus, you must retain an attorney to help you negotiate any disputed terms.

Elements of Claims You Can Bring When Your Employer Breaches the Contract

Sometimes, employers may still try to breach an employment contract even after the employee has signed it. They may terminate you without just cause. If you have been harmed by your employer’s breach of employment contract, you should consider pursuing damages by filing a civil lawsuit. Your attorney can review the contract to determine if an alternative means of resolution is provided.

To recover compensation through a claim, you should demonstrate the existence of a valid contract. Keep in mind that some contracts are not written. Even if you have an oral contract, a breach of this legal agreement is still actionable as long as you can show a contractual right was made by a verbal agreement. If you have a written contract with your employer, you can easily prove its existence. You need to show that your employer did not perform an obligation that the contract defines and such breach led to you sustaining losses.

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