15 Hidden Injuries to Watch Out For After an Auto Accident – Guest Post

Auto Accident Injuries

Auto Accident Injuries are severe, and you may not know them all, so we present the top 15 of them.

It’s better you get treated for them so you can get help from a Georgia personal injury attorney to fix them.

The influence of a hit also counts when you go legal to address such injuries.

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Before you try to trace hidden injuries in such an auto accident, there are a few things you need to fix first.

  1. Possible level: actual impact of auto accident injuries personally
  2. Technical assistance: ways in which you want to support
  3. Adjusting balance: steps in which the entire scope is settled

These may be a few key aspects that can influence your case, so it’s better to fix them first.

  • Slashes close to the eyes

This is the first injury that is hidden in such an accident but may be critical as it affects vision.

  • Damages to the toes

This is one more piece of damage you can face while a vehicle rushes a bit too close, hurting your toes.

  • Open knee cuts

This is one more common injury that you can face where you may come to notice cuts later.

  • Broken fingers

Similar to toes, you can also have fingers broken while in a vehicle.

hits you in a rush of speed while you are waiting.

  • Injury in the calf

This can be one more issue that is not much discussed, but a direct hit from a car can also happen to you.

  • Chin breaks

While you get surprised from behind by a vehicle, you can also face chin breaks or get hurt in a way that is not much noticed.

  • Injury to the cheekbones

This can be one more piece of hidden damage, as you were driving and was surprised by a larger vehicle, so you might not notice it.

  • Slashes on the chest

This may happen if you fall after being hit or knocked out in a car crash, but it is very rarely checked.

  • Inner thigh injury

This can be one more injury you have to face in a car crash where you may get unseen but painful damage.

  • Critical hit on heels

If you have to face the blind spots of a larger vehicle, then you can also face direct damage to your heels.

  • Wounds with no bleeding

In a few cases, you can get injuries that are more severe but have inner damage so no blood comes out, but they can be worse.

  • Hand injuries

Besides fingers, you can also get damage on the wrist or even the palm that is hidden but can actually be critical.

  • Skull damage

Now this is where things get worse, as you may only get a few markings, but the skull can be severely affected.

  • Brain effects

In a few cases, you can also get hurt indirectly, and the wound may be close to the brain but not visible, which can make your life worse.

  • Marginal injuries

Lastly, there are also a few injuries that are only lining up or may be marginal but never taken seriously, so they cause trouble later that you need to fix somehow.

Injuries in such cases can be critical, but they remain hidden, so you have to get the right cover.

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