What Should You Focus on After Being in a Drunk Driving Accident? – Guest Post

Drunk Driving Accident

Getting into an accident with a drunk driver can be a bewildering and traumatic experience for anyone, but there are certain things that you should try to focus on to help yourself improve your situation after the fact. Starting from the moment the accident happens, it’s important to keep your cool and focus on what you’re next steps need to be. Here are some of the details that you’ll want to prioritize after you get involved in a drunk driving accident to help you recover from both your injuries and financial losses better.

Notifying the Police

Even if you sustained little or no injuries or minor vehicle damage, you should still get the police involved if you suspect that the other driver was drunk and caused the accident. A police officer can take a report and arrest the other driver if they fail the sobriety test. By notifying the police, you can also help your case if you need to go to court, which has the added benefit of keeping other future drivers safe from the drunk driver, who may be likelier to re-offend if no criminal charges are brought against them.

Injury Treatment

If you were injured in the accident, it should go without saying but you should seek medical attention as soon as possible. You’ll automatically be transferred to the hospital in an ambulance if your injuries are severe, but if they’re not and you’re given permission to leave the scene of the accident you should still seek medical care for any cuts or head injuries that you sustained from the accident. Both because you can have your injuries documented and because it’s possible there may be unseen injuries that would go untreated otherwise. A doctor can also examine you to determine if you suffered a concussion or other injuries that don’t seem obvious to you or the officers and EMTs at the scene.

Hire a Lawyer

Many legal advisors strongly recommend contacting a lawyer before notifying the police or leaving the scene of the accident, but a drunk driving accident lawyer can still help you if you can’t contact them right away. This lawyer can review the circumstances surrounding the accident along with your evidence to prepare a case to negotiate with the insurance companies or for court. The lawyer you hire can also advise you on what to say and not to say if you need to provide any testimony to prove your claim.

Gather Documentation

The police report, your medical records, and information about the other driver should all be documented and available for you to use as evidence to submit to the insurance companies or in court. If possible, you should also try to take pictures of the damage to your vehicle and the other driver’s vehicle as well as the location where the accident occurred. If other factors, such as poor street lighting or inclement weather, were contributing factors to the accident, they should be noted as well.

You can retake control of your life and move forward better from your accident if you address the most important matters at the earliest opportunity possible. If you need help with getting all the details in order, a legal representative can offer you assistance.

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