3 Reasons You Should Have or Know a Car Accident Lawyer – Guest Post

Car Accident Lawyer

Getting into a car accident can be an incredibly frightening incident. There are millions of car accidents every year, and you may have been involved in one in the past. Many of these car accidents result in damage to the car and injuries to the people inside. Regardless of how you feel immediately after the accident and the damage to your vehicle, the best thing you can do for yourself is to hire a car accident lawyer or, even better, call one you have already reached out to in case of such an accident. Calling an attorney immediately provides major benefits that will help you along the process of recovering both legally and financially from the accident. So, just why should you already have a phone number for an attorney experienced with car accidents and personal injury saved in your phone?

In-Depth Knowledge of the Law and Your Rights

You aren’t expected to know the legal ins and outs of what happens after a car accident and what could happen that may escalate the situation. Your car accident attorney spent years learning the minuscule details and legislature relating to car accidents. This gives you a leg up in an unfortunate situation. You may be eligible to be compensated for the damage, medical expenses, and general pain and suffering you may experience.

Damages and Injuries May Lay Below the Surface

You may feel okay immediately after the accident and the damages to both you and your vehicle may not seem too severe, but it can in fact take days or weeks for pain and injuries to crop up. Ailments like whiplash take a while to truly feel, and you may be running on adrenaline in the immediate aftermath of the accident. Contacting a personal injury lawyer, someone like Smith Morgan, LLP, who’s experienced with car injury cases right away gives you the benefit of their past experience and expertise in personal injury law. This means they can be a great help in both the proceedings in court and when dealing with insurance, as insurance providers may not want to pay the full amount you’re owed; especially if you waited to file damages because it took time for the true extent of the damage to catch up to you.

Help you Avoid Financial Loss

An attorney familiar with car accidents will work as your advocate to make sure you are in the best position to not lose money for claims made by the other driver. For example, the other driver may claim to be fine only to turn around with a crop of injuries they expect you to pay for. They can claim anything from whiplash to major back issues from a simple fender bender. They can also go so far as to file for you to pay for lost wages and additional medical bills. Your attorney will protect you and your finances.

An experienced car accident lawyer is your best advocate to avoid financial loss, and emotional distress, and to navigate the court system if necessary. Don’t let the other driver and their potential attorney leave you vulnerable. Knowing a car accident attorney or at least introducing yourself to one that is highly regarded in case of an accident is your best bet to protect yourself.

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