Can I sue the driver who hit me even if I don’t have insurance on my motorcycle? – Guest Post

insurance on my motorcycle

Legal technicalities are many to consider, especially in case of an injury at the road, hence you need experts and if you got any such injury, then it’s better to consult about it from personal injury lawyers Houston, in case you had to face an auto accident, you can arrange legal process from car accident lawyers Houston, and lastly, if you really were involved while driving a motorcycle at the road, then you can take aid from Motorcycle accident lawyers Houston to settle better means and clear out your injury issues even if you do not have insurance of your two-wheeler around.

Before you start to plan for suing the driver who  hit you even without your motorcycle insurance, there are few things to consider to make your legal ground strong, and they may include:

  • Actual influence in such incident
  • The response of the other driver involved
  • The approaches of the insurance company to help you financially

And these are few things that do count, so it’s better you clear them out to set things in a much better legal responsibility for your recovery.

The fault should be connected to another party

Such technical aspects only matter if you are also found to be partly at fault, mainly in cases where you are more injured, the fault has been proved in relation to the other party, and your fault is not found, then your motorcycle insurance would not count much as it is the other driver who would have to pay for your financial and medical cover and damages to your vehicle through the legal process.

Sue on basis of your injury not insurance

Again, lawyers mostly advice in such cases where two-wheelers are involved that they do have to understand the cost and impact of injury instead of insurance, yes for financial backup insurance of such vehicle do count for some personnel, but it’s better they get legal help on basis of their own damages instead of their vehicle, and this is what should be taken into consideration at court that matters the most.

Court proceeding should decide better

Lastly what impact it may do to you if your motorcycle did not have insurance may be decided at a court proceeding, it may not be too much of a difference as judges would also look at the condition of your injury, the actual fault you did by mistake while driving, and if it is not found and your pain is extreme being injured, then it’s the other party whose influence matter and court proceedings would judge things depending on such ultimate condition.


For more on the subject of your injury case, how you can retain your recovery, and to get better legal support, you can consult experts and this is where personal injury lawyers Houston blend in perfectly to look out your case and ensure all perfect help possible at court.

In the case you were injured by a larger vehicle such as car or others, want to go legal to sort your injury issues, and wish to get in touch with better legal experts, then you can connect to Car accident lawyers in Houston and settle your legal terms so you can get better medical and financial cover at court.

And if you have been driving a motorcycle, got hit while moving and your fault has been proved and you have to be paid insurance that you do not have, then it’s better you consult from Motorcycle accident lawyers Houston, settle things so your fault is not assured at court and things would be arranged smartly to settle it all in your favor for the better course.

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