How Private Investigators Can Help an Attorneys Case – Guest Post

Private Investigators

It may come as a surprise to many, but private investigators have their own areas of specialization, just like lawyers. With the evolving nature of investigative work, some investigators specialize in digital research, while others opt for more traditional methods involving surveillance and tracking. This begs the question: how beneficial can working with a private investigator be for a lawyer?

Lawyers and Private Investigators

It’s important to emphasize that there are compatible and comparable private investigators for every type of lawyer. Regardless of whether the lawyer specializes in Criminal Defense, Personal Injury, or Family Law, there’s a private investigator who can assist them in catching a cheating spouse, validating an insurance claim, or locating individuals evading the law.

Collaborating for Success

Facts and evidence play a pivotal role in background checks, validating personal injuries, and the application of family and criminal law. Private investigators excel at uncovering elusive facts and evidence. Here are a few examples of how a skilled private investigator can prove invaluable to a lawyer:

Researching Public Records and Depositions

Private investigators are trained to unearth the truth, even in a rapidly changing society where information handling and storage methods evolve. Some investigators specialize in interviewing witnesses and employing creative approaches to gather essential case information. They meticulously sift through public records, leaving no stone unturned. In such cases, private investigators work hand in hand with lawyers to uncover critical evidence.

Surveillance and Digital Research

In cases involving infidelity or hidden assets, it is crucial to catch the person in the act or gather undeniable evidence to build a strong case. Surveillance and digital research are two key methods employed in these situations.

Digital research involves accessing publicly available data, often through social media, to collect information about a subject. It’s common for individuals to inadvertently incriminate themselves by posting vacation pictures while claiming to be home recovering from an injury.

Locating People, Conducting Background Checks, and Investigating Insurance Claims

In addition to cases involving fraudulent injuries, there are instances where individuals intentionally evade being found or have questionable backgrounds. Private investigators have effective methods for obtaining comprehensive background information about a person. This information can reveal the truth about someone’s current location, real-life circumstances, or possible fraudulent claims.

The utilization of private investigation professionals by criminal defense attorneys provides numerous advantages. These investigators bring a specialized skill set and extensive experience that allows them to uncover overlooked details, tap into industry-specific expertise, maintain objectivity, and ensure the preservation and admissibility of evidence.

Private investigators play a crucial role in the collection of evidence, conducting thorough investigations, and identifying essential witnesses. Their involvement significantly contributes to the development of a strong defense case.

When facing criminal charges, seeking legal assistance promptly is of utmost importance. Delaying this process can have detrimental consequences. By collaborating with an experienced criminal defense attorney and a skilled private investigator, you gain the necessary support and representation to navigate the complexities of the criminal justice system while safeguarding your rights.

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