Lawyers’ Quick Guide To Social Media And The Law – Guest Post

Lawyers’ Quick Guide To Social Media And The Law

Lawyers and law firms are there to help people settle disputes, cases, etc. While traditional TV ads and websites are commonplace for lawyers and law firms to make their presence known to prospective clients, nowadays, technology has evolved. Now, promoting your law firm calls for more avenues to advertise your work.

Need to advertise your law firm to more prospective clients? Then not to worry!

This quick guide will show you how social media can be beneficial to your profession and law firm, and how you can use social media wisely.

What Social Media Means To Lawyers

Social media has been on the rise in the most recent years. So, it’s not surprising to see lawyers and law firms getting in on the trend. Social media is based on relevancy, as well as requests from users everywhere. So, lawyers and law firms that need all the relevancy that they can get will need to answer certain requests from said users.

The Do’s And Don’ts

To make social media work for you and your law firm, you’ll need to consider the following do’s:

  • Position yourself as an authority. When people see you as an authority in law and cases, they’ll most likely come to you with any related inquiries.
  • Reach potential clients by looking up keywords in the search bars of various social media platforms. Whichever platforms come up with the most search results, then set up an account on said platforms.
  • Increase networking opportunities with not just potential clients, but also law groups and business. AND,
  • Stay up-to-date on hot topics and trends.

With that said, here are some don’ts:

  • Don’t try to build a social media presence on every single platform. Stick with one channel, until you feel you’re ready to expand your online presence.
  • Don’t respond to hateful comments. Be civil in your responses. If you can’t get through to a negative person, report and block them.
  • Don’t be fake. Be authentic about your work and your law firm.
  • Don’t just use social media as a billboard. Social media is meant to connect people with others and businesses. The same should be true from law firms and prospective clients.
  • Don’t forget to post regularly.

Recommended Social Media Platforms

For lawyers and law firms, they have to be careful which social media platforms that they wish to utilize. Otherwise, they run the risk of not being taken seriously by viewers and spectators, thus losing credibility as a law-based authority. So, researching demographics and users from social media platforms is something to do before jumping onto a platform.

Here are some reputable social media platforms to consider, when posting content as a lawyer or law firm:

  • Facebook

This is a great platform to post:

  • Updates
  • Hot topics
  • Lawyer/Attorney spotlights
  • Law firm tours (photo or video)
  • Newsletters, etc.
  • LinkedIn

Considered a professional-type social media platform for businesses, entrepreneurs, etc., LinkedIn is a great place to post anything and everything about your law firm and work. Just keep in mind, when posting to LinkedIn, you would still need to be professional and concise with who you are, and what you do. Post images and videos responsibly.

  • Twitter

Twitter is mainly about written text with a limited character count. However, it’s still a good way to share links to your law firm website, and to hook users with quick news and information. On here, you can also engage with users on any related topic like national news, headlines, etc.

  • YouTube

Finally, YouTube is a treasure trove of videos from almost any topic. However, just like any other social media, it’s important to be responsible about what you post.

Video creation takes time, patience, and substance. When you produce high-quality videos about you and your law firm, people will want to watch your videos, and then check out your business.


As one can tell, social media can hold many possibilities and opportunities for lawyers and law firms. Since social media isn’t going anytime soon, now is the time to amp your online presence with a social media account.

By following this guide, you and your law firm will reach more people and, possibly, gain more clients.

Good luck!

Kendra Beckley is a writer and editor at Research paper writing services. As a content writer, she writes articles about social media trends, business trends, and lifestyle trends.

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