3 speeding tickets can affect my green card process?

3 speeding tickets can affect my green card process

I got 3 speeding tickets two from Missouri and one from Illinois.
I hired traffic attorneys and they change the traffic ticket to a parking ticket (both Missouri ticket)
But for ILLINOIS I had to take traffic school

For all three tickets, I am speeding over 20mph

Does this affect my green card process ??

Traffic Lawyer Richard Simon’s Answer:
Different laws, different states, different counties, different jurisdictions, different judges, different prosecutors. Though the distance between two places may be short, they can be a world away. Amending a ticket requires an offer from the prosecutor, approval by the judge, which all must follow the laws of their state. This can happen even within the same county with 2 different municipal courts.
As for the green card process, you need to ask an immigration lawyer, they will know the most about this.

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