Are You a Lawyer? How to Land a Great Job With a Competent Firm – Guest Post

Job With a Competent Firm

If you have just passed the bar exam or are between law firm jobs, you might be looking for your next career position in the legal industry. This is a great position to be in, because you have so much room for growth and improvement within your career. After all, you’ve been an attorney for years but you still want to always be searching for the next opportunity. Here are some ways to get your resume to competent law firms who might be eager to hire you.

Contact Area Law Firms

Reach out to the law firms in your area or to long distance cities where you are willing to relocate to. Contact preferred law firms through social media like LinkedIn or Facebook or maybe email your resume to their HR office. You don’t have to wait for a job ad to be posted. Apply to firms where you would like to work, and they may have an unpublished or upcoming job opening available. Include a cover letter acknowledging that you are applying in case of an available job. That way, you have set yourself up for success from the beginning. You always want to make sure you have a lot of contacts with various lawyers in your area and in other areas. This is a great advantage for you because more people will know your name and therefore, they will know your expertise and how you operate as a professional.

Work With the Local Bar Association

Contact your city or state Bar Association to see if they have a referral department. Some bar associations offer this service to new lawyers or those in the process of changing jobs either for free or for a modest fee. Those that do provide referrals will request your resume, reference letters, and an application letter to be placed on file for potential law firm openings. Mostly this is handled electronically but have your materials ready to be shared with prospective firms when a job opening becomes available. This is a great place to look for new lawyer opportunities within your field. You should always be on the lookout for the next opportunity that comes to fall at your feet.

Volunteer Your Legal Expertise

While waiting to be contacted about law firm positions, offer your legal services to local social service organizations on a pro bono basis. Volunteering one morning or a day per week could help them tremendously while adding to your professional experience. You might also meet others in the legal field or with connections to law firms who can either provide a reference for you or recommend you for a position that becomes open.

Talk to a Recruiter

Contact an attorney recruiter through an agency that specializes in the niche of finding jobs for lawyers. They have many contacts with local law firms and can help to place you with a firm of your choice when a position opens up. Find out what is needed on your part and how the placement service works before signing a contract if one is required. This is often the most direct route to finding a good job with a desirable firm.

A proactive approach to job hunting will help you find employment more quickly. Try these tips to get the job you want with a competent law firm. That way, you will be set up for a lifetime of success in the field of law. You have lots of choices when it comes to these sort of things, so be sure to plan out your approach.

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