Should I get attorney or represent myself?

attorney or represent myself

Should I get attorney or represent myself?
OK I have court on Aug 2 in mo I’m out of town working in Iowa. Can I call and get court date rescheduled to represent myself? I was on hwy speed limit was 55. Car in front of me kept speeding up and slowing down. Back and forth from 40 to 50. I got to the top of hill where a passing zone was an extremely short passing zone because there was another hill ahead. So I started to pass as we where going down hill and the car behind me had got over to pass as well then I notice a car coming over the hill in front of me. I could not slow down so I accelerated to make sure I got past the car but the car coming toward me was a state trooper and as soon as he got to me he turned on his lights and hit his brakes so I immediately pulled over. He had actually gone over the hill behind me before he got turned around so I was waiting for him when he came back over the hill. He gave me a ticket for 92 in a 55 but he states that he was gonna write on his paper work that I was passing a vehicle and that he was very appreciative that he didn’t have to chase me down at all. Should I draw a sketch of the scenario and present it to the judge or hire an attorney?

Justin’s Answer
I recommend hiring an attorney. They will know how to present your argument in the best light and can negotiate with the prosecutor more effectively. They will probably be able to reduce your ticket to a non-moving violation. Just a note: passing is not going to be a defense for going 37 mph over.

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