Stop and Frisk ?

Stop and Frisk For An Insurance Ticket ?

I was pulled over and asked the usual licence and registration proof of insurance. i provide all these documents knowing i didn’t do anything wrong so i ask numerous times with nothing but smart replies or none at all. Next thing i know she orders me out the car i say i dont condone to any search but she orders me anyway, and tell me to go to the back of the car. long story short she searches me and feels me up …all the way up !! I never had this happen before and i ran in the law before im so confused , anyway the sent me on my way no ticket. was she right to feel me up?

Traffic Lawyer Richard Simon’s Answer

I agree with the attorney above, lodge a complaint against the officer and call your local council person. If you feel truly violated, contact an attorney and see if one will take your case, however, I am not seeing any damages.

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